10 Fascinating Bee Species You Never Knew Existed

Vulture Bee (Trigona hypogea): Found in Central and South America, these bees are unique as they primarily feed on carrion instead of nectar. They use their specialized enzymes to break down the flesh and turn it into a nutritious food source.
Aussie Green Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa aeratus): Native to Australia, these bees have a stunning metallic green color. They are solitary bees that nest in dead wood or bamboo stems, and they are essential for pollinating various native plants.
White-banded Digger Bee (Amegilla quadrifasciata): Distributed throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia, these bees have black and white bands on their abdomen, giving them a distinctive appearance. They are solitary ground-nesting bees and are essential pollinators for many wildflowers.