– Candidates are asking for votes from the people by speaking the language as per the area.

New Delhi. Women candidates who have studied abroad and speak fluent English are going to the villages and seeking votes in typical Haryanvi, while the candidates educated in the villages are seeking votes in the posh areas by speaking fluent English. Not only this, both the women are speaking in Punjabi and appealing to vote in Sikh dominated areas. At the same time, Purvanchali leaders are busy wooing the voters by giving speeches in Bhojpuri. Such a scene has been seen in the capital for about one and a half months. Actually, BJP candidate from New Delhi region, Bansuri Swaraj has studied abroad, but during campaigning in the villages, there is not even a single percent glimpse of her having studied abroad in her speech.
She speaks in typical Haryanvi while campaigning in villages. Especially urging women to vote, she says that I am your daughter and niece. Please don't send your sister and daughter home empty handed. The villagers are surprised to hear this. At the same time, BJP candidate from West Delhi region Kamaljit Sehrawat is also using the same language as the area during the campaign. She is seen speaking English while seeking votes in posh colonies like Dwarka, Janakpuri, Vikaspuri. People are surprised to see the beginning of his speech. AAP's candidate from West Delhi region Mahabal Mishra is also seeking votes in his own style.
He also speaks Bhojpuri occasionally during his speeches in Purvanchali dominated areas. During this time, the enthusiasm of Purvanchalis is visible and they start clapping to boost their morale. At the same time, while campaigning in villages, posh colonies and unauthorized colonies, he appeals to vote by mentioning the works of the MP during the year 2009-14 in those areas.