Dragon naturally speaking commands list [2023]

If you want to know the details about Dragon Naturally Speaking Commands List then must go through this content quickly. Here, you will find speaking commands properly, so follow them and in case of any issues, reach the experts right away for help.
Find The Dragon Naturally Speaking Commands List
Below are some commands list, with the help of which you can use Dragon Naturally Speaking software easily.
For General Dragon Commands
Go to sleep/ stop listening – For starting sleeping mode
Wake up/ Listen to Me – For existing sleeping mode
Microphone off – For turning the microphone off
Dragon Naturally Speaking Commands List For Corrections and Revisions
Select__________ – For choosing or dictating corrections or simply for revising the specified words
Correct__________ – For spelling the correction to the specified words. And then you need to return to the cursor for its position prior to the correct command.
Resume with last few desired words – For immediate correction of the last words spoken and then have to continue the dictation.
(Select/Correct) That – Helps in applying the last utterance spoken.
Scratch That [x Time] – For removing as well as forgetting the last utterance or simply last x utterance.
Backspace [x] – For backspacing or backspacing (x) number of times you want.
Delete (Previous/Next Words ) – For deleting the previous or simply the next word from the respective cursor location
Delete (Previous/Next) x Words – For deleting the specified number of words from the respective cursor