Empresa Que Faz Limpeza De Paredes Externas

Pressure cleaning exterior walls is a popular technique for removing dirt, stains, moss and even mildew from surfaces. The process is carried out through the use of a high pressure machine that throws water on the wall with force, removing impurities.
Before starting cleaning, it is important to assess the condition of the wall to avoid damage to the structure. For example, old or damaged walls may not be able to withstand water pressure and end up giving way or cracking. In addition, surfaces with peeling paint or infiltration can be aggravated by pressure cleaning.
If the wall is in good condition to receive the cleaning, it is necessary to prepare an area around it, protecting windows, doors and other surfaces that could be damaged by the water jet. In addition, it is important to use safety equipment, such as glasses and gloves, to avoid possible accidents.
During the cleaning process, the water jet must be directed vertically, avoiding directing it upwards, which could infiltrate water inside the wall. The distance between the machine and the wall must also be controlled to avoid damage.
After cleaning, it is important to assess whether the surface has been damaged and, if necessary, make repairs before applying new layers of paint or other types of coatings.
It is important to note that pressure cleaning should not be used in all situations. In some cases, other techniques, such as chemical cleaning, may be more appropriate to preserve the integrity of the wall. Therefore, it is always recommended to have the help of specialized professionals to assess the best way to clean the external walls.
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