Kriya kundalini yoga in rishikesh

Reiki Healing Certification Course – Level 1

There is no prerequisite knowledge for Level 1 of the Reiki Course at Yogasth Vidyapeeth; it is a five-day course. You will discover how to access your own energy fields and balance them for self-love in the Level 1 course on the art of self-healing.Prior to beginning the healing of others, you must first love yourself. The healing channels are opened and awakened during the Reiki master's "Initiation," which enables you to connect with the Reiki energy and develop greater self-awareness, intuition, and confidence. Reiki's beginnings and guiding principles, chakras, a synopsis of the five element theory of energy, and self-healing techniques are all covered in Level 1. Additionally, you'll get an The master of Reiki attunes. Upon completion of the Level 1 Reiki Course, you will get a First Degree Reiki Certificate.