Now cancer can be detected by a drop of dried blood

Beijing: A recent study has revealed that cancer can now be accurately detected with a drop of dried blood through an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based test. In initial experiments conducted the device took only a few minutes to detect cancer. Additionally, it was able to differentiate between patients with pancreatic, gastric or colorectal cancer and those without cancer.
Researchers say that by detecting certain chemicals in the blood, cancer can be detected in about 82 to 100 percent of the cases. According to a report, machine learning has been used in the new device, which analyzes the by-products of metabolites in the blood sample. Metabolites are found in the liquid part of the blood, known as serum. These metabolites serve as biomarkers that can potentially detect the presence of cancer in the body. The Chinese scientists who developed this test have explained their findings in a paper. The study's findings are important because despite being some of the deadliest cancers in the world, there is currently no blood test for pancreatic, colorectal and gastric cancers that is able to accurately detect the disease. Instead, doctors usually use imaging or surgical methods to detect cancer.