RAZR Android Auto and Wireless Car Play with DRONE 360 camera input

A capacitive touch screen system with amazing features like,
USB, FM, Bluetooth
Wi-Fi connectivity
Play Store Access
Video in Motion
Wireless Android Auto
Wireless Car Play
Drone 360 compatible
This flagship model of the RAZR lets you download all applications on the go and browse them in full QLED clarity seamlessly because of the Octa Core processor it has. Also, wireless Android Auto and wireless Car Play make sure that your drive is smooth. Today, all your distractions when you travel, like navigation, calls, music, and, most importantly, WhatsApp notifications, are all displayed in a seamless way in the system.
This system is also compatible with a drone 360-degree camera, which allows you to watch what is happening in front of the car, rear of the car, and sides of the car when you put the respective triggers in, as well as when you drive straight via the app. It also records all four sides of the car as and when you travel.