Screw College: A Guide to Finding Success, and a Rewarding & Fulfilling Career without College

"Most American citizens have been convinced that if college isn’t a part of their path after high school, then they are by default heading for a minimum wage job slot and very low chances to “make it”. That somehow without a formal college education that life will somehow be incomplete, and the future is bleak.

This attitude that has been created over the past 50 years that college is some essential critical part to success in life, and that we can’t really get ahead without it, has created something far worse in its undertones. That if an individual doesn’t go to college that they in fact can’t really be successful, so why even try to get ahead for minimum or low wages. When did it become, go to college or else its working for minimum low-paying menial meaningless jobs for life. The problem with this thought process is that it’s bogus. It’s simply not true.

We are losing tremendous amounts of productivity by allowing this myth to perpetuate itself that somehow college education is the benchmark of success in life for today’s young people. We have the wrong answers on the multiple-choice question we are asking…It isn’t college or else, but rather skilled vs. non-skilled.

I hope this material helps set the stage to build the success you want and desire."