Sports club program gymista the best

Are you president, treasurer or member of a sports association and are you looking for the ideal software for your sports club? You are in the right place.

In addition to our comparison of management software for associations, we are currently focusing only on sports associations.
gymista is a detailed and independent analysis of software and advice to help you make the right choice. In summary: a comparator that really compares.

To offer you the most complete and transparent comparison of association management software, we analyzed the software using the same process:

Feature analysis;
Software testing;
Exchanges with client associations;
Online reputation analysis;
Price study;
Study of strengths and weaknesses.
At the end of this article and in less than 5 minutes, you will have a complete overview of software for sports associations.

To save you time and help you make the right choice, we have also developed a free tool which gives you a personalized and detailed recommendation based on the profile and needs of your association.


your club information in one place, accessible online
Configure and import your members into AssoConnect in 5 minutes. Find all their profile information, their membership history, emails sent, etc.
The management of your teams never falters
Divide the athletes into teams or level groups. Open up the opportunity for coaches to communicate with their players and keep time sheets.

Quels que soient sa taille et le sport pratiqué, votre club gagne en efficacité avec un logiciel tout-en-un 100% cloud.