Want To Explore The Skies Of Bangalore? Why Not Try Skydiving And Parasailing?

Two of Bangalore's most popular adventure sports are parasailing and skydiving. Although these hobbies provide an amazing experience, there are also some concerns that need to be considered.

In order to ensure a safe and fun activity for everyone involved, it is important to take safety measures seriously when participating in these sports. This article will provide some tips on how to stay safe while parasailing or Skydiving in Bangalore.

1)Use only approved equipment, please 🙏

Prior to usage, all equipment used for skydiving or parasailing in Bangalore must receive the right approval ✅ from authorities.

Before any jump may take place, all parachutes 🪂 should have undergone a professional examination and certification that they are fit for their intended use, with backups ready in case one becomes necessary during the flight.

This reduces the possibility of defective parts or other malfunctioning machinery causing an accident 🤯.

2) Follow Safety Protocols:

Always have experienced instructors 🦸 supervise jumps from start to finish; they can provide guidance on proper technique and what to do if something goes wrong during a descent or ascent phase, etc.

To ensure that they are aware of the procedures that must be followed during their experience, all participants should attentively read the safety instructions ⚠️ that are provided before each jump.

These instructions cover a variety of subjects, including the maximum height you can ascend or descend without the instructor's or instructors' permission, the location of landing zones in relation to spectators, the hand signals that denote various commands (such as to ease up or increase pace), and more.

3) Wear Appropriate Gear ⛑️ & Clothing:

When participating in either sport, appropriate attire must be worn at all times. This includes helmets, goggles 🥽, gloves, and any other equipment required for your specific activity (Paragliding vs Sky Diving in Bangalore).