In Vedic Astrology, Rahu is considered one of the most destructive planets, especially known for giving so many ill effects in your life. Anyone who is said to be subjected to Rahu Mahadasha will have to undergo many hurdles in the normal course of life.

Let’s talk about the role or Impact of Rahu Mahadasha during Rahu Antardasha.

This phase of Mahadasha generally doesn’t bring good results because you may suffer from mental depression, quarrel with friends, fear of snakes and water, strain relationships with your own people, and may commit suicide or may be part of a bad company.

If Rahu is in the Scorpio or Sagittarius in your horoscope, it means you may face harmful incidents in your life. You will face harmful results in your life if Rahu is conjoined with Marak planets. You may feel lazy, get involved in legal cases, threaten enemies, and experience hindrances in your life.

Rahu Mahadasha Effects & Remedies

Every person has a unique birth chart, so remedies for mahadasha for each person may vary. But one thing is sure that Rahu Mahadasha can affect people’s lives in a lot of different and unexplained ways, so you need any immediate effects and remedies to live a harmonious life.